Friday, September 30, 2005

the distance

Areal shot of Penang town (Malaysia). Long building at the back is the tallest building, the komtar

Penang, the island charm

The island of Penang is linked to the mainland by the Penang Bridge, which at 13.5 km, is one of the longest bridges in Asia.

However should the old world charm of travelling in the famous ferry service appeal to you, the service still exists. People waiting anxiously for ferry to leave Butterworth to Penang.


Shipping lanes.. but this ones stuck there!

Sleeping Train..

The train is very much awake. These sleeper class decks remind me of a war time hospital ward. The railway station is a 5 minute walk away from the ferry. Cozy inside? ermm.. depends how tired you are ;)


ABC = "Air Batu Campur" = "Water Rock Mixed" = Mixed Ice? = Flavored shaved ice! = Yummy! but with goodies.

ABC = minus the goodies.. Chestnuts roasting on a summer day in Penang, Penang square

This curious stalls, got really nice fried food. Slightly expensive, but great stuff..

Glimpse of the people, and the culture.

man plays his instrument as the world passes by...

the dragons roof, and the people within. a distant shot of the temple does not do justice to the culture that it represents inside.

Locals streaching at a cafe. there isent any thing special occuring... just another day..

the world must look different to him.

just another place?

I think not.. its a great place with great experiences and wonderful people committed to a cause that some cant even dream about... i am just lucky!
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this is "i"

for those of you who do not know who i am.. this is "i" ...

the first entry...

:) the first of all firsts....