Thursday, October 13, 2005

Orientation Day

Observed another tour of prospective psych students in college this week. I have never done anything like this before (just sitting there and observing), but it was pretty interesting to see what things are like from the other side of the...umm...ok there's no table or anything but you know what I mean. From this one simple inspection I already picked up on a few things that I would like to pass along to future ‘orientees’. I think this information would be most valid to know, if this is how you act around me, the lowly senior, then you may or may not want to be doing this in front of people who really matter.

Rule #1)
Don't wear some moronic pin that you received for being a Leo, School prefect, national flag, toastmaster or whatever. This one guy today was wearing a shiny silver pin on his black shirt that had a gun on it. He probably thought it screams, "ask me about this cool stunt thing I did!" However, it really just wimpers, "I'm a total douche who needs props to commence a conversation with the other students, who's ass I am going to make out with for about two hours in the hopes of winning his/her approval and gaining recognition in psych school". I mean honestly, who fu** ing does that?

Rule #2)
Do ask something that we do NOT like about the school - I really think that is the best way to gauge what is really going on with the school, and is something you can only really ask people who are in and know that the admissions office, or the marketing guys or the brochures don't tell. if you really want to know what's hot, pick up a leaflet dude.

Rule #3)
Don't try to impress tour guides, mentors, or any other student (or anyone else, for that matter) with big words. As other students were talking about the curriculum or add/drop or other thoughts that might actually have a bearing on their future, this one guy (actually the same ass who violated rule #1) just pops out with a question that went something like this: "When do study mental illnesses”, "do you also learn about DID or ADHD or [insert big technical psych word here]?". Luckily for me, we had just learned this stuff last semester so I could say "Yes" and not have to lie to cover up my own inadequacies. But more importantly, I was wondering: What kind of shit asks a question like this on the first day? Was he trying to impress the ONLY people who have no bearing on his future? Was he trying to intimidate the other orientees by talking above them and making THEM feel inadequate? Was he simply covering up his own inadequacies (small penis?) and show off the one bit of information he knows? The answer to all these questions is most likely yes. A$$hole.

Rule #4)
Do ask us about other schools we were considering and why we chose this one. You may likely be in a similar situation and might find it useful to know what factors lead other people considered this school. And of course it lets me show off all the other bigshot places that I wished I goten into (hmm what was that about me and feeling inadequate?).

Rule #5)
Don't, under any circumstances, say something like what was said to me today: "Wow you guys are already old psychology students” when I haven't even graduated from college yet. It's so wierd for me to even imagine doing this old people stuff and even though i will be a grad student soon.

If its the case that you want admire the senior, what the f**k are you doing here in the first place? Fool. Guess what's coming to you in about nine months! Second, You might as well say "Man you guys are f**king old and lame. I would hate to be you." OK maybe not that bad, but you get the idea.

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Steph said...

Rule #1 for psychologist.

Don't judge a person by the 1st encounter or even the 2nd and 3rd.

Only observed and test hypotheses.

Rule #2

Don't make conclusion before running an experiment.

Observation only tells you people's behaviour through what you perceived.

But since u're a fake psychologist, I reckon those rules don't apply to you.:p

mythsn_legends said...

Wannabies.....What would college be without these asses.