Monday, October 24, 2005

The Person in Me...

On a personal note, I am slogging my way though conflict resolution… the course can only be described as apPAULling! After an extremely horrid mid terms that I nearly bombed, and lazy assignment, I am gearing up to face a final exam that does not hold much promise. I have given up any chance of an A, or a decent B. A friend of mine (lets call her the ‘lady in the gown’) commented that I should not give up hope yet and that something unexpected may happen. I however, hope her theory stands right for the other things in my life.

Working on a project to measure ‘mental health status’ of the refugee population whom I work with. The plans are still in the drawing board, but that’s the hardest part. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the project is funded by someone!

The script that I have prepared for my teams theater presentation is almost ready. For those of you who can make it, it’s a story about a triangle of love between 3 homosexual girls that leads to encounters in the after life! For those young budding fake psychologists (and real ones, if you are reading this), stop imagining why I would want such a play! However, to find out more, be there at the auditorium of the center for psychology in HELP, KL.

Its experimental session again! the young budding psychologists in college are eagerly carrying out their human experiments/trials with much enthusiasm. Thank fully, I am still given the kind privilege to participate (ya right!). the standards of some of them are… ermm lets just say ‘questionable’. I nearly walked out of one that was showing gross video images of human body mutilations with a to a hard core/rock (violent) music background. The result.. = DISGUSTING. Makes me wonder what ERB (ethics review board) doing any way? Shouldn’t it be their responsibility that no ‘ethic’ are violated? - my thoughts on ERB coming up soon ;) .

Personal life! Ahh.. total wreck! I have made some changes to the outlook of this web page and have attempted to bring my knowledge of psych stuff open and into the public. I am hoping to drive the message that psychology so far has been too restrictive and the more needs to be done to allow people access to knowledge.


Niven said...

Haha. I can't help but wonder ... what role will u be playing in the next play? I somewhat feel that ur gonna be 1 of the homosexual girls. YAAY ... we'd sure be looking forward to it!!! U looked BEAUTIFULL in the last play! :)

mythsn_legends said...

Don't give up on conflict resolution. I personally belief that you still make it!

Looking forward to see your year end production too ;)

dory said...

hey!!! you were in the experiemnt of ppl whacking themselves and inducing vomit and all? oh my goodness, that was the horriblest experiment i've EVER been to im my ENTIRE life! i was in the session that they played soft eery music to it, and honestly, i almost felt like puking and i really really wanted to walk out of the experiment too... i was almost going to march up to winnee's office right after that to see how on earth ERB could EVER okay such an experiment, but yeah... never got to... till now, the images of those horrible self mutialting acts are still swimming around in my head... i guess you could say im psychlogically affected by them? the weird thing is that the appologized not for the use of such offensive material, but for the "mild deception used"!!! i was like... *speechless.

oh wells... my two cents worth of the awful experiencelah. sighs.

oh yeah, btw, cool blog. first time i'm popping by;)

Steph said...
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Steph said...

Hey dory (sorry don't know who you are),

I'm not sure what is stopping you from going to winnee and voicing up your opinions. And I'm also trying to understand how that two percent can trade with you being disturbed psychologically.

Even if you don't feel like voicing up for yourself, voice up for future generations perhaps?

Franky said...

Conflict classes have been horrible.. the only good thing that has been happening is that my doodling skills have improved.. and i'm paying RM1500 for THAT?!?

"Paully wanna cracker??" (Wong, 2005) hehehe..