Thursday, November 24, 2005

Colloquium Day

Attended the 10th research colloquium at my university. As, becoming chairperson for the presentations (think Emcee) becomes the responsibility/burden (depends on how you see it), there I was sitting my way for an hour of presentation, heating up the chair for the next ‘chairperson’ to meet his/her fate!

Obviously, the chair person is the only person in the entire audience who cannot see the screen. Unless you turn around, risk look totally weird (but that’s not a problem for a senior psych student.. believe me), risk spraining your neck (KJ has more experience here), and perhaps falling off the chair! But, fear not, cause that’s a great opportunity to stare at all the awesome girls in the audience, and still look respected! (how cool is that? Wana become a tutor?)

Apart from the wonderful experiences of chairing, that 1 hour give enough time to tune into you inner world, a time for self hypnosis of sorts! Having gone through a series of mantra chants with my co chair, and seeing the light (or was that from the balding head of the apPAULer?) I was compelled to jot down some ways about how “research colloquium” could be made more ‘interesting’. If you are not taking me seriously right now, its ok, the 10-commandments was ridiculed at first too. Heres my shorter 5-item version

1. Have poster presentations up during, the same date

2. Extend the duration of poster presentations. Don’t remove posters on Saturday. Its student research and I would like to see that up for longer period cause that would be respecting my semesters worth of work.

3. Have a copy of the power point/outline of the presentation on display with the posters, after the Saturdays main event. This way, it would be easy for those who want to refer back to presentations.

4. Feedback to students from the ‘judge’ is a great idea. How about more than one judge? How about external judges? Guests? Researches from other u’s?

5. The event culd be made more attractive. Current publicity makes it sound more of a chore, rather than a privilege that it rightfully should be. Students work really hard to present their research findings. i doubt that the amount of importance given right now, is sufficient.

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mythsn_legends said...

I like the idea of inviting guest judges and other universities to participant in our colloquium day. If I am not mistaken, this idea has been around for quite some time but I am yet to see it happening....

Yeah, the PR for it could definitely improve! I know that students have to do it one way or the other, but if some recognition is given to their work (like what astrorat said which is extending the duration of having the posters up), hopefully they'll feel that it's worth putting all the effort into the poster presentation!

Oh! and I think it would be nice to put the posters up in the main block (the lower foyer) when the colloquium week ends. That way, other students and visitors can see first hand the brilliant researchs done by us students! :)