Tuesday, November 29, 2005

a e i o u and sometimes w

Yeah yeah.. I have not been blogging for a while and its starting to become a sort of habit! Nothing that I enjoy, but I have been having my mind occupied with the tons of assignments and projects that were scheduled for completion at the end of semester. That’s right folks, it is the end of semester! This only means one thing! *scary background music and drum roll* Finals are not far away :|

I had fun putting together/producing the play (Cinderella’s Crunchy Christmas Cake) for theatre!! For those of you who missed it, too bad! For those of you who were there, I hope you enjoyed the characters as much as I enjoyed brining them to life! Here’s a quick view of the very colourful cast of nine!

The beautiful cast:
(L-R Bottom row) Salamander (the prince's foot soldier), Millicent (the cook), Violet (an evil cousin of the two sisters), Gardenia (one of Cinderella's sisters), and Isshy (the evil grandma elf). (L-R top row): Prince Charming (him self), fairy godmother, Cinderella, and Ella's other evil sister. (not in the picture, beauuuttiiful Lindsay Price, the author!)

Work with msf:
Work with msf’s refuges population is getting more and more exciting. Met two very delusional individuals. One hears voices instructing him to do stuff like jump off cliffs, hit people. Chile the other believes that blood oozes from his skin and that he has poisoned (the poison has apparently made him very allergic to insect bites, hence the blood).

I haven’t really read any where that acute stress can cause “delusional” type disorders (I am not that well read though), but its an interesting prospect because could that explain the fact that communities tend to be ‘more’ religious in times of excessive stress?

From a purely scientific/pseudo-scientific (Call it what you want) perspective, could it be that those diagnosed as “delusional” are less likely to be religious? Could religion be in fact a socially accepted form of delusion? Though I may never know the answer to that question, I could perhaps see if delusional disorders and religion occur in unison? As I said earlier, would the spectrum of delusional disorders (as categorised by society) be in fact a misguided/misplaced form of religion?

But, as long as the two patients are concerned, they agreed to meet a psychiatrist! *yay*?

Research his an all time low.

On the other hand, my proposed research project with the refugee population, has come to another snag! At first, there was that fiasco with my university claming that I could not do a thesis-paper/special project because I had already done an internship. WTF! But, that has been sorted, and I am now the on the way! Or not so soon.

My research supervisor (lets call him G-sharp-major for now) tells me that ERB would not be happy with one of my variables (legality - “legal” vs “illegal”). Apparently, doing this research would be a sure shot way to get my name printed on the tomorrows headlines. I kept insisting that it would be good publicity for my uni. But, he wouldn’t have any of that.

I however think that there is more risk involved in putting my participants into trouble by identifying them. Since anonymity doesn’t really stand in the eyes of the ‘law’, I wouldn’t want to push it further.

What am I going to do?
I am thinking of measuring other variables that arise as a consequence of being legal or “illegal”. But, that’s a long shot and it makes the study really complicated! but, before that, i think i am gona concentrate on finals! :D


Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Love the picture, but I wish I knew who was who in it!


astrorat said...

oppss.. my bad :) made changes to introduce the beautiful cast! :D

Rose said...

That sounds like it was great and the cast looks good too. Thanks for sharing and visiting.

mythsn_legends said...

LOL....nice pic ;)

You did a fabulous job bringing the play together in the end....absolutely loved the props, especially the Christmas tree.....it gave out that Christmas-sy atmosphere!

Hope the hiccups in your research work gets sorted out..... :/

Oh and Good luck for finals!!! :P

astrorat said...

Dear Rose,

I agree... thanks for the lovely comments too :)

Dear Mythsn_legends,

It was fun 'getting it together'!