Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Person in Me

Astrorat has a new look ;) (or atleast, is trying on one). After much deliberation, I have finally made the changes. Some readers have suggested that the previous background was too “strong” and hence, I have made a deliberate attempt to include softer colors! I would love to hear your comments on the change.

I guess the change in the blog reflects change that I am trying to bring into my life. The week of public holidays in KL (ew ew ew) have left me unmotivated to continue studying. If not in real life, then at least in the blog!

Comments from my readers:
Thanks to the holiday I have been blogging a lot! I am happy that the people who read my posts are enjoying its contents regardless of my odd use of profanity (ok, perhaps a little more than odd). I even had one reader write back to me, describing my entries as “funny”. Okaaayy!!!

Some of you had commented about my having an strange love-hate relationship with my university. Well, that’s not true, in fact I love my university. I however, do not agree with its policies or practices (this is true for my opinion of psychologists as well). And hence, will voice my opinion in an attempt to change the ‘norm’

A very close friend commented that it would be nicer to see more personal life stories on this blog. And I couldn’t agree more! hence, I have challenged my self to include more of these “the person in me” articles (is that what you call it). But, I guess I would have difficulty not speaking about psych related stuff, because psychology and its related work has become such a big part of my life, that its hard to isolate the two. She (my friend) almost said “sad, no life”, but, I doubt that’s true. I am quite passionate about what I do.

Great news! Or should I say, YAY!
I Was accepted into a clinical program with a full tuition scholarship! Yay! Hence, astrorat is well on the clinical path. There was a time during my undergraduate years, when I wasn’t sure of my major (let alone, how I was even going to pay for it). I once thought that cognitive psych was the way to go. I love cognition. Then there is a part of me wants to become a medical doctor. But, I cant afford medical school right now.

But my encounter with
MSF changed all that and showed me possibilities of getting the best of medical practice, psychology, and cognition in one area = clinical psych. How cool is that?

Though I wish that I could have gotten a similar offer from the University of Adelaide (Australia), I am not going to complain as the full tuition scholarship + opportunity to lecture is wayyy more than I could afford any place else!

Research going wrong:
I have come to a difficult snag with the research that I was proposing with refugees. After spending what seemed like centuries of consultation with the department of law in trying to figure out the legal implications of doing research with undocumented persons, my university tells me that I cant do both an internship and the 4th year paper! what the F***

According to them, since I have completed an internship paper, the special project paper (that I plan to do) would not count towards graduation! *frown* according to the people in UIU, the credit earned from the research paper, will not count towards graduation. *haih* but, I don’t want to waste any more time, I want to get the remaining papers done in spring and I cant afford to spend any more time doodling on, as the clinical school is scheduled for Fall, 06!

The Oath:
Astrorat (that is i) will be taking an oath promising never to physically or verbally abuse women, ever. This events organized by a local Malaysian NGO called AWAM (All Women's Action Society – no URL), and a Malaysian teaching hospital called HUKM
(Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) and will be held at my university! I jumped to the idea of supporting their campaign and signed up. My thoughts about women, violence, and Malaysia coming up after the event.

Play time with Bingo:
After quite sometime, I spent time playing with my dog Bingo! Though he has a different name on his birth cert (a quite cool one for a dog), but we just choose to call him bingo ;) sorry bingo, though I cant remember your real name, I still love you.

He’s quite old now! An adult by dog years I recon, 7 in human years! Bingo’s a shy type, and refused to pose at this “family” photo session. Its all human feet and doggy back side! But, he’s a funny chap for that! will update more pix of my friend when i do get them.

Guess that’s it from me! :)


Prav said...

Hey Dr. Rat! Finally got down to reading your Blog :P (yeah im that bored right now :P)

Most of your blog is gibberish to me cos I aint in education or phsycology :) But yeah you should be more personal, write about our good old times back in SL man :)

Love the writeup on womens rights, wait a go sister! Im sure the worlds going to be a better place now that you are a strong supporter of womens rights :D

Steph said...

WOW!! Fresh look!..Nice:)

Congrats on the scholarship!!! :D Looks like the passion in psychology is slowly but surely, driving you to somewhere. And although you probably didn't exactly get what you want, you definitely is reaching somewhere keep reaching, keep dreaming! Carpe diem mate! *wink*

p/s: thanks for supporting the campaign. It means a lot to the women, and hopefully it can inspire the men.

"Dog's man's best friend." Glad you're having one and bet he loves you too:)

fallen.angel said...

eh eh u copy cat!! always trying to be like me!

astrorat said...

Dear Praveen Paul,
Its nice to see you reading my posts! I will write about the good times that’s happening now! SL, hMmm.. not sure if story in history will be interesting, but there certainly will be interesting tales to tell

As for women’s rights, well, i am feminist through and though! (that does not have to be confused with the word 'feminine'). I will update you, and the rest about how the 'oath taking' thinggy went!

Dear Steph,
Fresh new looks can always be catchy for a while, hope it stays catchy for some time :) i am hoping that it can inspire men too. I would also like to see more women take on a typical ‘stereotypical’ oath promising not to abuse men, psychologically ;)
Yep, i am glad i have to have Bingo too! :D

Dear Fallen.Angel
Well, I have got to learn from somewhere right? Why not the best ;)

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

I am really pleased with your color choice. I had a hard time reading the other one. My old eyes, sheesh!


mythsn_legends said...

It is indeed a nice change to see some personal entries in your blog!
CONGRATS on your scholarship! Damn proud to see you come this far. I am pretty sure you'll be scaling to new heights of achievements in no time ;)
Good to hear you're lending your 'voice' to support the campaign. It needs people like you to give the campaign a boost.

fallen.angel said...

we learn from the best ;)

and you. how is it that i had to learn about your scholarship through your blog and not from you personally? =P

congratulationssss! things always fall in place don't they? at its time..even if you didn't know which way u were heading ;) congratulations again..i know how great the feeling must be! =)

astrorat said...

Dear Deb,

Glad i like the green too :) glad you find it easy to read.

Dear, Mythsn legends,
yeah.. "person in me" entries have been quite fun to write!

Dear Fallen Angel,
Aww.. i never meant not to tell you. Was not able to sit down n chat like we used to. I will make it up to you, when you are back to KL for holidays! :) there is a lot more news, from where that came from ;)


the_applicant said...

Hello Astrorat

I was surprised when I came to your blog today because I've been busy for awhile. But it is a nice change - the new colours. Congrats on your scholarship and acceptance to the grad school. You're one step ahead of me :) - good luck with things.

-ME- said...

You've yet to show me what ur dog looks like. That's such a small picture .. i can barely see him. But yea, i get what u mean by dogs having cool names on their birth cert. My dogs' name is preety weired and funky ... It goes something like Yupi Yoshi Yummy Yoshy (wtf?!) lol .. its's bad ... so u see why i named her Figo instead?!
And bout the brand-spanking-new blog of yours ... no negative comments :) Have to agree ... it's much more readable then before.