Thursday, November 03, 2005


The university concluded this years Halloween feast with much glory! (ya right! though some didn’t need makeup to look scary). Yours truly however, had the opportunity to become one of the many dumbass ‘ghosts’, but more interestingly, got the opportunity to observe the bunch of people as they faced what was meant to be a ‘scary’ experience. Now, I aint much of a fan for scary movies or the reproduction of the same, as I have come to believe that if your props are not up to mark, then you run the risk of passing the show as cheep humor rather than the fear inducing roller coaster that it is supposed to be (hint hint). Having said all that, I do not believe that the guys who turned the entire block of the center for psychology into a theater for the dead and wrestles did nothing less than fantastic job! *yay* ;p. bad ass planning.

Now, that’s the glorious bit. Sounds like I am marketing the event, doesn’t it? I know you want to keep reading, cause my bitch fest aint over. While standing there in my strange ghostly corner, being as useful as I could be, with as little movement as possible, with all but the light turned off, I started to notice something very very strange (like what the hell was i doing in collge at night anyways?). No, nothing out of the world, ermm.. but then.. interesting I would say. The people! Not the actors, but the people who paid 6 bucks to be frightened!. It wasn’t anything superficial that I was so interesting, rather, it was their reactions towards the poor ghosts.

As the lights were off, and the people were moving in their lanes from room to room along the corridors of hell (sounds nice right?), a couple of things happened. First, i was trying to figure out, in terms of behavior, what constitutes, fear (but, that’s too deep for this blog). Second, the behavior people had as a reaction to the fear that had engulfed them.

My observations are categorized as follows:

The Frightened:
this band of brother and sisters were the ones who genuinely were afraid to move past the horror that was created. they were the ones who had the look of concern on their faces. They were, in my opinion afraid. The didn’t any thing much other than hurry past the room hoping that the misery would soon end.

The Screamer:
Unlike the Frightened, the screamers did just that, Scream. And scream out their lungs they did. Don’t get it wrong, and mix them up with the ‘frightened category. This bunch were supposedly PRETENDING to be afraid and were acting as if they were totally afraid. They were trying to convey, “I aint afraid”! but, in sad reality, this bunch of losers are probably the bunch who had trouble sleeping that night. This was probably the bunch who needed to act macho so that they don’t look too bad.

The Wailer:
Unlike the screamers who were mostly male, the wailers were a similar bunch of losers who were female. The difference is really in the pitch difference in the screaming.

The Abuser:
This is the moronic bunch who thought that it was cool taking a punch at the actors. As if to confirm, if the ghosts were real or not, this bunch went around poking their fingers on others. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed slapping one such abuser on the face (piah! take that u biatcch). My explanation of their scum behavior is rather simple. They were seriously so frightened of what went on, that they had to prove to themselves that it was safe. And they went about checking if the objects/actors were in fact real (or not). This bunch would have been most likely to have cried should they be denied any kind of touching.

The Scientist:
This is probably a junior who’s over coming his (I say his cause more men were guilty of this) fear by providing pseudo-scientific explanation to the events. This moron was the running commentator who’s need to provide a rational explanation was the only way of keeping to his sanity

The Damsel:
The typical female, single, junior, who’s trying hard to get so guy, any guy, to notice her cry for protection. She batters her eyes and cry’s for his loving strong arms to shield her from the dangers of the dungeons!

The Knight:
The moron who’s falling for ploy of the damsel.

The Feminist:
This woman (some men included) are totally not afraid. They laugh at the actors face and make some stupid comment like “this place is funny”. Ok, why did they pay 6 bucks in the first place? The truly strange thing about them is that they are most likely the ones who would be convinced that the actors are mannequins.

Bottom line: every one was truly afraid. However, they choose to express this fear in some very interesting ways. Pretty dumbass, but interesting. There must be some fun in getting you amygdale tickled. Fear after all, must be addictive. The reaction from these people only mean one thing, they were all chicken shit scared. To the organisers.. better luck next time cause it was pretty lameass

Perhaps next years fright night can have special consideration for the above mentioned jokers (organisers included). Perhaps an explanation as to other forms of ‘fear-expression’ could be in order! education to all!


mythsn_legends said...

Hahaha! You might just be right about the various ways people handle fear. Too bad I was stuck outside the room as the 'finale' in the dungeons of hell ;)

Steph said...

Wow! Cool! Never really thought about the different ways of fear-expressions of others until reading this. Funny but interesting. Makes me think of which category I might fall into. Feminist maybe..ahaha

Come to think of it, it's interesting how people would pay 6 bucks to be frightened!But good thing they did, otherwise, it would be a failure to the organizers...yaiks! missed another fun event! seesh~

you'll know who said...

i didn't know that the whole thing was good, coz honestly, it didn't look so scary to me (maybe coz the comm members were still running around trying to fix the last minute stuff).. and it was still looking really plain then..

ooh! NOW i know why its so scary.. coz Rosie just had to show her face at the end of the whole thing! no wonder!! kudos to the team for finding such a horror! ;)

astrorat said...

Dear all, read again.
organization sucked.. looked like a kindergarten costume party.. i dont really blame the participants. but, my focus was on peoples reaction to perceived fear rather than the lack there of ;)

Anonymous said...


pretty insightful thoughts on how people manifest thier fears in different ways. very intersting... and i must say, they are quite accurate categorizations as well...

oh, but there would be another category of scardey cats... those outside the haunted area without the guts to go in... that, in all likelihood would probably be me (heehee...)

but all in all, its quite an extensive observation of the behavioral manifestations of fear... what category woudl you be in, btw?;)


Dr. Deborah Serani said...

I think you are so ready to be a shrink. Your observations and clinical applications are already observable in this post!!!