Saturday, November 19, 2005


A blog friend (Deb) tagged this entry about the “10 things I recently learned about myself”.

Writing this out was much more difficult than I thought it would! Thanks Deb, i did learn something about me!

Tagged: Ten Things I've Recently Learned About Myself

1. I like the color green: its taken me this long to figure out!

2. I like collecting books and secretly desire to own my own library.

3. I love research, though don’t enjoy the lit-reviews!

4. I love cartoons

5. I love walking along misty pine forests near streams.

6. I am LESS spiritual than ever before! My force, I have discovered, is within myself.

7. I procrastinate a lot more than I hoped I would. But I always beat deadlines.

8. I love to be alone. I am a loner!

9. I believe that intelligent life forms other than humans exist.

10. I like Japanese girls! ;)

*I tag all my blog friends!*


Anonymous said...

Out of your 10, there are 6 that apply to me too. Oh, but then I've always known these I guess it doesn't apply. Or does it?

Good to know 3 New things about you!

VoiceInHead says GoDoWork.

*determined, k. ;)

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

I love that you did this! Now I know more about you. I am so #8, and #9 I endorse too.. and we share # 4 too!


astrorat said...

Dear K,

guess i didn’t know that you take instructions from a "voice" in your head ;)

Dear dr. D,
cartoons are always entertaining! :) it was fun doing it! thanks for the lead...