Friday, December 16, 2005

Bloggers invited as MEDIA!

oh ohh ohh.. this just in... as the title suggests... yes... you heard me, The 'organisers' of the Perdana Global Peace Forum have invited 4 Malaysian 'bloggers' as media personal. Now, how cool is that? Its really fantastic news!

Check out the following malaysian superstars !

Brand New Malaysia

Jeff Oii

MageP's Lab

Yvonne Foong

Just added: TV Smith (thanks SK)

And also the 'official' blogsite @ PGPF

Its really a great achievement for bloggers in Malaysia! hats off to you guys! :)

To top the cheese cake Dr. Mahathir (the Malaysian Ex PM who's not been afraid to slpash more than his current counterpart) stated that it is important that in order to find the truth and strive for world peace, alternate forms of media, such as the internet, should be encouraged. This was in context of his statements about the USA's control over media that reports news on Iraq.

Its very unusual to find him support the 'alternate' and 'other side of the coin' media sources. After all, Malaysiakini, an online newspaper, had its fair share of trouble during his 'leadership'. Perhaps he's gone soft in the middle! ;)

"its probably a small victory for the blogers, but a HUGE victory for alternate media!"

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SK said...

TV Smith is one of us too.

Anyway, I've just updated the Perdana Global Peace Forum 2005's blog at here.