Thursday, December 15, 2005

Global Peace Forum & a Look at “War Mongers”

It was the first day of the Perdana Global Peace Forum and I have learnt a such a huge quantity of information about social justice, peace, war, the lack of the three, and about the perpetrators of war.

The Perdana global peace forum is an international event organised in Malaysia by the ex prime ministers - Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

The vastness and complex nature of the event calls for more thought before I put my thoughts together and write out any decent article. As for experience, I spent the entire day from 8 AM till 7PM discussing debates from the perspectives of world leaders. As exciting as it was to meet them ‘hotshots’ in person, I am elated at the fact that there’s more from where that came from!

I am too tired to do anything else right now, but felt a sense of urgency to share the urgent call for ‘the need for world peace’. Now more than ever, the world (according to the words of all esteemed speakers) needs peace (and yes ladies and gentlemen, the world needs something done NOW). I don’t do much justice to this piece that I am writing cause I am going to leave you hanging. But what I plan to do, is to compile my thoughts about how this forum has helped shape my mind.

With that said, I truly urge appreciate the attempt made by the Malaysian NGO’s in pioneering a movement with an Asian focus, towards world peace. And this ladies and gentlemen aint just rhetoric. This aint the typical miss universe “I will save the world and the starving kids” talk. This was an attempt made by world leaders (the list of names who you will see in my previous post).

I am deelply moved by my experience. Good Night! :)

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