Friday, December 23, 2005

I Learnt About Peace

It’s the time of the year that’s harped about so much all around the world, but I am passing this season with a certain amount of sadness. It’s a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. The celebration, the gift giving, the money spent, the singing, the cheer, the joy, the happiness, the jingles, the colours, the décor, the tree, the cribs, the parties, the dances, the dinners, the … stop stop stop… On the other side of this world of cheer is a world made of hatred, war, crime, pain, anger, poverty, starvation, anguish, death, destruction, killing, murder, darkness, and utter devastation.

This was the central theme of the Perdana Global Peace Forum. If anything happened, then that must be the fact that my eyes were open to a part of the world that many of us are neither aware of, nor want to acknowledge. Be this the war that’s raged on the people of Iraq, the war raged on the people of Afghanistan, the killing in New York, London, Bali, or the wars that have eluded humanity in Palestine. These events were the core of the discussions at the Perdana Global Peace Forum that took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in December 2005.

The forum provided with its participants the other side of the “War on terror”, the “quest for black gold”. The forum spoke about how the so called “champions” of peace are indeed war mongers. The forum thought me that the United states of America, the same great nation that conferred my own degree in Psychology. This is the same great nation that thought self-proclamation claimed to be the “police” nation of the world with great plans to eradicate the world of terrorism. It is the same nation that claimed to free the people of Iraq from a tyrant who was responsible for the killing of about 200 people, were in fact were responsible for the deaths of more than 3 million innocent Iraqi’s due to both military action and economic embargo.

I learnt that the greatest weapons of mass destruction is not found in Iraq or Afghanistan, but instead are owned and were used in modern day by the United states and United Kingdom in the name of terrorism. The sulphur “bomb” and other “smart” missiles were responsible for the death and destruction of nearly a million innocent Iraqi people.

I learnt that the greatest motivator for war is the drive for money making. The attitude to conquer the resources of others and profit as a result. This in essence is modern day colonialism. The Government of the United states of America is doing to Iraq and Afghanistan what England did to Asia. They are dividing Iraq so that they are able to harvest oil for their own benefit.

i learnt that the George W Bush is as equally evil, if not more evil, as Sadam Hussain. George W Bush is directly responsible for the death of more than 3 million innocent civilians world wide. He is directly responsible for the violation of human rights in the abuse of innocent people in detention canters that are not within the borders of America.

I learnt that peace can never be achieved unless war mongers such as GW Bush, Sadam Husain, Tony Blair, and John Howard are tried for war crime against humanity.

I learnt that the world was 10seconds away from total destruction thanks to a tense moment between nuclear powers such as Russia and America. America that demands nuclear disarmament world wide has the largest number of nuclear arsenal. She has enough fire power to destroy the world 5 times over with the touch of a button.

I learnt that media such as CNN and BBC presented to the world the lies that George W Bush created. Further, these two media corporations made a monster out of alternate media corporations such as Al Jazera. The president of the United states must have been afraid to show the world the death and destruction that the “shock and awe” created.

I learnt that it is important for people to stand up for what is right. And war is wrong. Be it war against terror, or war for terror. The world now has more “terrorist” attacks than it had when the United states set forth a process of destruction.

I learnt that the trial of Sadam Husain, does not conform to any strands of international regulation or conduct that America preaches. The war on Iraq is largely illegal. The installation of a government system by the Americans in Iraq is illegal by standards of international law.

I learnt that I every human being needs to stand up for peace. And this should not just be empty rhetoric. Not just words written on a blog published on the web. I need to stand up now and be counted to stop war world wide. I have deeply understood that attending the global peace forum has opened my eyes in a special way to teach me that the world needs peace NOW and I have to stand up to work towards it.

We celebrate Christmas at a time when the world around us crumbles and falls. Yet, we do exactly what we did when Rwanda was massacred. We ignored the cries her cries. And now, a larger more destructive force threatens to destroy the basis of human freedom and human rights. Our attention is focused at buying into the treats that media and popular culture promises us. We now risk annihilating the our very human existence.

The accounts in the article were based on the research findings presented at the Perdana Global Peace Forum. For in-depth details presented here, please visit

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