Thursday, December 01, 2005

A tribute to Nayagam (1942-2005)

I am grateful for the wonderful memories of you that are etched in my mind.


Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Sending you hearfelt condolences.

The picture is so beautiful. I awed by the expanse of it.

astrorat said...

Dear Dr. D,

Thank you. Though i had only got to know him in the past 4 years (he is a family friend), he is one of those very few people who is deeply concerned about the wellbeing of the people around him. A character who is genuinely liked by those who crossed his path.

i loved the picture the moment i saw it. Sadly, i was not able to copy the link.

:) Astrorat

peter dodge said...

I met an old gentleman,, C.Y.Nayagam in Bangalore India in 1968. He said to me" The sun never sets on my sons". would like to locate someone who knows him.

Would that be you?

astrorat said...

Dear Peter Dodge,
If it was a A. Sri KrishnaNayagam who was visiting Banglore from Malaysia, then it would be me. Else, i am afraid not.