Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The passing of “V”

Rumour has it (and you will realise later that I am no fan of rumour) that Spring 2006 mark the last days of the dictatorship of the evil V! for those of you who do not belong to my campus, let me shield you from the bliss and safety of not knowing! But, for those of you who have been rumouring about it, rumour no more. A staff member who is closely associated to the department of the land of the free, confirmed this “news” article!

In memory of this great person, I spoke to 2 senior students who have seen both the good side and bad side of this lady. This is what they had to say.

(not real name): “She was a fine specimen”. “I hated her guts as much as she hated mine”. “She’s utterly rude, and disrespectful of me and other students”. “She has never cared about me as a person”. “I am happy that she’s leaving and will not miss her”.

On asking Moses who he reckons will be the next “king/queen” of the department he said: “I don’t really care.” “Any one or anything is better than her. I want to throw a party.”

had this to say: “She was a steady leader and held the department together. While she could have come across to the student body with better ‘poise’” (what ever that means to him). “she made sure that justice was served and no one was favoured.” “though many had a bone to pick with her, she was classic in her own right and deserves due respect”. “I am sad to hear these rumours and will be equally sad if it comes true."

Well ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. Its perhaps the story of the century (at least in my department!). Staff members did not want to be quoted, but assured me (not that I asked for it) that an departure is guaranteed.

In spite of her dynamic duality, this lady deserves much respect. Guiding a department from its early days of 50+ students and a handful of lecturers to what it is now, a department that holds under its wings the centre for psychology, with a vibrant student population of over 900!

Yes yes, there are short comings… and I don’t deny that… however, one needs to look at the bigger picture and take into perspective that positive change occurred under her guidance.

The question to ask your selves is what does the next “great leader” of the department have in store for its beneficiaries? Will things become the way we want it to, just cause she is gone now? Or are we set to make the biggest self sacrifice ever? Are we setting the stage to drop existing standards of practice into darker deeper regions? What does her leaving holds for the students? How do we benefit or loose?

Perhaps the answers to these questions will not be known for a while. I bet, that many will speculate and many will prophesise. Are we on the verge of an impending collapse?

Long live the Queen!


Dr. Deborah Serani said...

This really made me lol. Your wit is wonderful.


astrorat said...

Dear Deb,

Glad this post tickled your funny bone! :D you are greatly encouraging... thank you :)