Tuesday, February 21, 2006

4 walls

I felt threatened and trapped encompassed and swallowed by the four walls that were around me. The room getting smaller each minute, the space I call my own is leaving me. At a fleeting moment I try to muster courage and look into a past trying to look how far the roads taken me. These four walls trap memories of a past refusing to let go of the images that were real not so far away. How ironic, I have run away and travelled a distance, to get away from this very cage. The cage refuses to yield, and encloses me.

To be unique, to conquer the world, to understand truth, to see reality I choose and sometimes paid the price of my freedom and dignity.

I stand here within these four walls, unsure of tomorrow. Unsure, if tomorrow is what I have dreamt it would be.

Unsure of love, a word that seemed to have alluded somewhere in life, and left as quietly as it came. Unsure if these four walls, like the rain that it protects me from, like the harsh world that it keeps on the other side, has denied to me, that elusive word.

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