Monday, February 20, 2006


A nameless soul with a million things on his mind.

Perhaps like most of us, he's thinking about tomorrow. Perhaps he is not. But most importantly, life around him does not seem to stop regardless of his need for a moment.

picture taken at the Pudu market on February 14th 2006, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

He is only a nameless soul to some...

To others, he is - "my brother", "my father", "my friend"...

I his need for a moment - life goes on... But maybe we need to take his que - and stop... His need for a moment is our need for a lifetime of taking time to give thanks to the people we love...

We will never know what went through his mind when this photo was taken - but who needs to anyway, eh? ;)


Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Pictures like these always move me.

I couldn't comment on your most recent post, so I thought I'd leave one here. Four walls *can* press tightly against you. I am hoping that soon you can push them away so that they can comfort, not crush.

Thinking of you,

Steph said...

By looking into the picture and the frown in his eyes, I can almost feel that similar emotion he is feeling. Or maybe not, I don't know.

Whatever that is going on in his mind, at least he is thinking and taking that few moments to feel what he is feeling. Yet most of us, fail to stop and think, and take time to feel our emotions.

I find this picture inspiring somehow.

And I'm inspired by the words Tippy wrote on your comment.

astrorat said...

Dear Tippy,

Your comment is very insightful and inspiring...

Dear Deb,

Thank you. I did not want the world outside the 4 walls to comment, but i feels great reconfirm that the world outside is caring.

Soon i will learn to push the walls away. As a start, i have enabled comments again :)

Dear Steph,

You have reminded all of us about how often we go on our lives without stopping by to fully experience our world.


Anonymous said...

I spelt "cue" wrong!

ha ha ha...


mythsn_legends said...

It's a picture that speaks a thousand words don't you think? ;)

astrorat said...

Dear Tippy,

I dident notice! :)

Dear mythsn_legends,

What does this picture tell you?