Friday, March 03, 2006


Its mid term week. To maintain your sanity during this testing time, read Dr. Deb and effective ways to prevent a burnout!

Here's my contribution to de stress and unwind :D Enjoy!!! ;)

What a bright animal!


Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Love this cute game...I can't win at it though.

Good luck with exams!

Steph said...

Best of luck!

astrorat said...

Dear Dr. D,

I managed to get to level 7, but anything beyond that seems like an incredible task.

Dear Steph,
Thanks! i had a wonderful paper (issues and ethics in the helping profession).
:) Astrorat

mythsn_legends said...

Hooray! Glad exams is over...for now ;)

astrorat said...

Dear mythsn_legends,

Keep playing!!!

Steph said...

gosh level 6 is all i can manage! Don't know if applies to anyone, instead of getting DESTRESS, I'm actually getting MORE stress playing this game!!! no kidding..

It's that feeling of wanting to win and getting on the next stage and i'm like $%^&*%^%! omg c'mon! dang!

wonder if personality has any influence in reactions to playing games (erm..for leisure apparently):p.

astrorat said...

Hei steph,

Level 6 is a lot! it took me ages and a lot of luck to get to 7!
you am not sure of the research, but i can see how playing a game when are already stressed out, can make it more stressful. Perhaps it has got to do with our motivations for playing in the first place? i am not entirely sure! but you are right, its a darn interesting research idea!