Tuesday, March 28, 2006

person inside of me - sleepless march

Dear Friends,

My apologies for not posting for sometime. Have been so tied down with projects that even checking email seems difficult. The documentary that i have been making with a few friends, about refugees in Malaysia, is at near completion. The editing has carried me though many sleepless nights. The cultural paper on the Peranakan community in Malaysia, which i have been writing for some time, needs more research and is nearing its final phase of editing and re-editing. More assignments and projects are due soon, and i am almost falling apart with the load.

Article 11 and the Malaysian Bar council has posted the open letter calling for the reaffirmation of the supremacy of the Federal Constitution online. For those of you who feel that your voice needs to be heard in Malaysian society, please sign the petition here.

The petition is for Malaysian residents. But those of you who are non residents, i encourage you to speak out about the petition to your Malaysian friends.


Steph said...

Such busy life!!! As busy as you are, make sure you find some balance with other things too and make some time for yourself! All the best for your film and assignments!

"The person inside of you"..It's great that you updated about your doings but I was hoping to read more of the person inside you as in YOU, your thoughts, the inner you...guess other readers are curious about astrorat too, besides being the fake psychologist who is also interested in politics:)

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Wow, you are busy with so much! I read the petition although Im not a Malaysian resident. Hope it gets its message through to those in higher power.


astrorat said...

Dear steph,

the documentary is done! i am trying to post a copy online for all my friends to see.. will update you as soon as i can figure out how that’s possible!

I will include comments on the real person that makes astrorat soon.. thanks for that comment ;)

Dear Deb,
busy and exhausted, but feels great! :D

Anonymous said...

Some guy once said "Every filmmaker, every journalist has to be arrogant. You have to say 'I have the truth, you've got to pay attention, you've got to listen'."

I listened to the truth, I paid attention, and you achieved it without arrogance (ok well, maybe with NOT MUCH arrogance ;) )

Now you have something else to add to The Person That Is You (among other things) ;
- half-assed psychologist
- researcher
- friend
- FILMMAKER! ~ how smashing is that?

*Raises glass to you.


mythsn_legends said...

A filmaker in the process indeed!!! I tell you, versatility is your middle name ya know...
I am waiting for the day when you'll be making more documentaries and touching the lives of people watching it.... ;)
I think that day will come pretttty soon!

astrorat said...

Dear *i know who you are* ;)

Thats the loveliest compliment, thank you :) i know arrogance can sometimes get me misunderstood.. ;)
its a lovely thought... *filmmaker* how nice...
Thank you for your very insightful critiques.. the documentary could not have been without the insight that you brought to it :)

Dear mythsn_legends,

:) i cant wait for that day too :D in fact, i already have an idea brewing up in my head ;)
Thank you so much for the support that you have me, and my team… you have been a tremendous support to all of us…

mythsn_legends said...

Your most welcome......It was great fun supporting you and your team...... thanks for the unforgettable experience too! Loved it! ;)