Tuesday, May 09, 2006

up the hills: putri gunang ledang

I am jus back after a 2 day jungle excursion at the Johor national park. Johor national park (on the south of Malaysia, near Singapore and about 4 hours from KL) is home to the mountain called “putri gunung ledang” (this leterlly translates to “princess on mountain 'ledang')

The event was organized by the Nanyang press, as a occasion to celebrate the successful fund raising campaign. ACTS (A call to serve; and NGO that works with refugees in Malaysia sponsored me), and is probably the only NGO in Malaysia that works to support refugees in the country. Many thanks to all the people who donated to this cause.

The mountain climb was super exciting. About 40 of us stayed at the Johor national park. The day climb can best be described in pictures and a short movie. I am in the process of editing a short clip of the two days, but will leave you with sights at the top!
water fall at the bottom

View at the top
amoung the clouds

Among the hills

The fake psychologist is currently working as a production assistant in an advertising company. Am currently working with the casting manager, selecting babies for a commercial that’s being produced! Why am I doing this? Well.. I need the money to put me though 2 more years of grad school. I should add that the experience, is *wonderful*. What’s so cool about these shoots is that they film on 35mm. To movie makers, this is means that its created on the real thing.. the tape and gives perhaps the best known quality after recording.


Anonymous said...

That's a really nice view you've got there... I can almost smell the freshness of such a place..

Anonymous said...

What a fab experience, I'm sure!

The pictures are beautiful. Nice shots.

Btw, the *only* NGO working to support refugees in Malaysia? Really?


Steph said...

those shots were beautiful! TOTALLY!
Love the one with the waterfall best!:)