Thursday, June 08, 2006

24 hour star... - updated

Wow.. time truly is flying by. Its been a month plus at the production company and I am learning lots of new stuff. Its really a shame, but I have not been thinking much about psych. I have not had the time to read.

However, interestingly, a Malaysian daily called “the sun” featured me in its education section. They had asked me a few questions about clinical psych and based their article on that interview. That’s my 24 hours of stardom!

You can check it out here

if the page asks you for a user email and password, type and enter the password "astro"

UPDATE: Also note: look out for the 6th June issue :D


Steph said...

And u look absolutely stunning! Girls, check him out!:D

astrorat said...

ahahaha :) thanks!

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Okay, I tried to find the ed section on June 8th. I couldn't find it. Maybe you can be more specific so I can find you! Sheesh, what a lousy detective I'd make!

astrorat said...

It's on June 6th ma lady.. not the 8th.. my bad for not clarifying that earlier..


Anonymous said...

Wow, check it out - it's mr. knight in shining armour... Honestly Raam, you couldn't have said it better.



disco-very said...

my dad's of peranakan descent... thanks for filling me in on my generational history. :)