Monday, September 11, 2006

Article removed...

I have come to realize, from the long responses that I have received from kai ting and *k, that my pervious post does not convey the message that I intended to get across as eloquently as is acceptable.

I apologize for the short coming, and the confusion, and inappropriate rhetoric that was used within the passage. Obviously, a mistake has been made, and I have removed the post before it can do any more damage.

The article was written in the sprit that women should be respected more than they currently are. But, that message did not, as I had said earlier, come out right! I shall work on this piece further, and have it ready at a later point of time J

My thanks to *k and kai ting, for pointing out flaws in my writing. Thank you for pointing out an error before it went too far.


Anonymous said...

Because I *know* you, i understand what you were trying to convey, and yes, it's an important point. But yeah, they needed to be changes in the way it was written, so good for you for being humble enough to accept it and work on improving the article!

Am looking forward to reading it!

Cheers & support,

Steph said...

Hmm...I thought the comments on the post you removed did not entirely reflect what you've written (e.g. opinions you quoted from other sources were misunderstood and taken as your personal opinion).

But, I like the fact that you took the comments into consideration and your willingness to improve your piece so to clarify and avoid any further misunderstanding.

last but not least, kudos for taking women seriously!

astrorat said...

Dear *k,

*smiles* :)

Dear steph,

*winks* ;)