Saturday, September 23, 2006

The conflict is back

Recently i wrote about the conflict in Darfur.

I am sad for even though i wasent the first to write of the atrocities and the murder, the worlds turning a deaf ear yet again. Apparently, Sudan does not have the Bin Ladens, the Sadams, or the George Bush's that it takes for the international community to respond fast enough.

Even the great Malaysian Dr does not seem interested.

I just got an email and it says:

Sudan Darfur: Send UN Peacekeepers Now!

Message: Thousands of people in Darfur (Western Sudan) are still being killed, raped and displaced, despite the signing of a peace agreement on 5 May 2006. TheUN says's around 23,000 peace keepers are needed to protect civilians and implement the peace agreement - we say they are needed now! Sign our petition to send a UN peacekeeping forceto Darfur NOW. We want 23,000 signatures for 23,000 peacekeepers.

Add your blue helmet to our virtual peacekeepingmap:

Thanks very much for the support.

WHY does it take 23000 signatures to have peace keeping forces in Darfur when no such signature was required in the israel-Lebanon conflict or the Iraq-American conflicts. The great vito nations are debating about is human life in Sudan is worth their time.

Prime time media barely mentions the Darfur conflict. Sometimes in mentioned in passing, the story of great invasion takes precedence these days.

While i write, i am saddened that, the rape, killings, and displacement goes on.


Dr. Deborah Serani said...

I don't get that either. Sometimes the way the world works totally confuses and saddens me.

Steph said...

I'm equally confused and am saddened. Double standards and biasness...apparently is this world that we're living in, no?

astrorat said...

Dear Dr. Deb & Steph,

i am sad. really really sad about the things that has been going on... :(