Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Loving it!

The Fake Psychologist continues to pub hop… opps class hop. This time I love what’s going on in class. First day of “semi-graduate-school” and am studying among lawyers, med doctors, psychologists, priests, and other super duper students! Comments, thoughts, opinions are flying around at free will! The class is charged and is being facilitated by a super cool lecturer! I am totally motivated now!

One tiny step in the grad school world, and perhaps one step closer towards becoming a real psychologist!

There’s still the concern of finances at the back of my mind, but I choose not to let it bug me for now. Not dead yet!

And this means that yours truly will have more tales from the darker side ;)


tkj said...

Kudos man...debates with informed opinions are much better than circular arguments!

Stephanie said...

This is totally AWESOME!!!:D

Uni is ending in few weeks for me. I'm TOTALLY gonna miss my student life and just that feeling of being in class and exchanging thoughts.

astrorat said...

Hi tkj,

i agree a 100%!

hi Steph,

There’s something about the academics that’s griping me. I promised my self that i would be back!