Saturday, October 28, 2006

New Skill: Typing

I learnt a new skill… to type (yes you heard me right) correctly. Its not just about random key strokes. Believe me, now that I am getting it right, I can type way faster than I used to. I wish I had learnt this when I was slogging all those papers during my undergrad years, or when I was frantically trying to keep up with lectures (I typically type my notes cause it gives me greater flexibility)

It really is difficult to start. There’s that tingly feeling that your brain experiences when you take on a new task (I believe it’s the motor neurons going on over drive trying to form new connections – correct me if I am wrong). But, soon, the conscious typing becomes unconscious! And you can be on your way to burning the keyboard.

The diagram below is self explanatory. The keys are color coded so that you know which finger should be doing the jabbing on what key. All this finger business is tiring!


Wei Wei said...

Hey you mean you didnt know you were supposed to type like this??

ehhhh...actually i didnt know too...hahaha

but i think i type pretty ok and im happy with my way...

Steph said...

I've attempted typing this way but think I prefer my own way...hahaha:p

It's great to hear that it helps you type faster! And learning new skills and keeping your brain working helps prevent early onset of Alzheimer! :p

Easwaran said...

Hmm, nice post... I didnt know that either! I'm going to give it a shot.
By the way, as pervy as this sounds, a big mouse is better to hold than a small one (yes big is better after all) as your hand (thumb specifically) can cramp up after long usage.

astrorat said...

Hai Wei Wei,

Well.. i sorta heard about it some time ago when my Dad used to try to get me to type "correctly" but obviously i wasent paying much attention ;)

Hai Steph,
I have heard about the learning and alzymers connection. Its a correlation so far rite? But regardless, its neat to learn something new. like i said, the tingly feelings kinda nice :)

Hai Easwaran,
i agree that a big mouse is nicer to hold than a small one. The wireless mouse that i use is pretty small, and does hurt after prolonged use!

Shaun said...

AND WHO did you learn where to type like this from??

astrorat said...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me introduce you to the one who thought me how to type correctly! Meet Shaun Yap :)