Sunday, November 12, 2006

Blind Justice

The world woke up (a week ago) to the conviction of Saddam Hussain, ruthless dictator, tyrant and murderer. My CNN and BBC was on my tele, and they talked about the joy that this conviction has brought to the many Iraqi people. Rightly so. After all, this is Sadam Hussain and he no doubt deserves to hang.

The world does owe the credit of getting a “terrorist” to its knees to Mr. George W. Bush Junior and his iron fist determination to get rid of them evil war mongers.

I wonder if Justice was really served?

GWB certainly has credit for himself for what’s unfolding. Ex. President Saddam Hussain AKA Tyrant Dictator is accused and has been found guilty of killing 200 (and more) innocent Iraqi civilians. George W. Bush is directly responsible of is known to have killed 654,965 (estimated by Johns Hopkins University) Iraqis. 200000 of those deaths have been caused by directly by coalition forces while the rest is attributed to the raise in civil unreast as a result of the coalitons distruction of civil order. This he (GWB) justifies as a way to serve justice to the Iraqi who were killed by the Tyrant Dictator.

To justice to be served, George W Bush, should hang along with Saddam Hussain.

I am told that the al-queda (spelling) which devastated my American friends in that horrible day of September 11. I fail to see however, what connection Saddam Hussain or the million people who paid with their lives in Iraq have to do with that day. The Al-queda I am told is linked more with Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan.

Then there were the weapons of Mass destruction. A loose term that we all have gotten so versed with. The means many different atrocious things to different people. To me it means an atomic bomb. The library attendant I just spoke to while typing this text is reminded of a serious nerve gas. To some of my friends, it’s a bomb that’s so large that can kill a million people in a faction of a second. This is, after all, what “mass” destruction. Killing in the masses.

The media tells me that investigations so far have not found any such weapons of mass destruction in Iraq nor is there evidence of an large scale plan to build them. In fact in an embarrassing let down, ex secretary of state Mr. Colin Powel accepted that they were mistaken. Mr. George W. Bush in fact has been the only recoded Mass destructor to date. His direct responsibility of killing the million or more (and I am told that this number is not an exaggeration) innocent, unarmed, Iraqi women, children, and men.

During my undergraduate years, I was told that the perfect murder is one where not only is the criminal able to escape, but is able to blame someone else for the crime. George W. Bush essentially has escaped without bearing any responsibility for the crimes that he has, and is currently committing and has in-fact done it so well, while the rest of us point fingers at Saddam Hussain. No Doubt that Saddam is evil. George W. Bush is no different.

I am reminded of the Nazi regime, and its killing spree. Milgram has thought us that obedience is a factor that can achieved with little or no effort. In fact, Milgram’s studies on obedience has showed us how Adolf Hitler was essentially able to otherwise innocent people of the German army into hilling machines. Millions of innocent Jewish people died during the days of the Nazi leadership. Hitler was ambitious to rid the world of the ‘less desirable and inferior’ Jewish race. They after all could be terrorists.

The American soldier that is made to believe that its making its nation proud, essentially is a killing machine of the Bush regime. Of course the enemy this time is not identified as a race because that is wrong. But the enemy is a group that is capable of committing untold atrocities to humanity. George W. Bush, like his counter parts Hitler and Saddam Hussian are cold blooded killers. He too should hang, if Saddam is to hang.

Justice I am told, is blind. It, has been made a cripple, for justice has been manipulated for the benefit of the GWB. Justice I am told, is impartial. But this impartiality has been compromised by persons who share the ranks of Hitler. Justice has been raped by ruthless leaders who control it, to plunder other nations of its wealth, and resources.
The sentiments of the American people are not far off than my own. The elections speaks for its self. Though justice prevails eventually, its disturbing that 49% of Americans still support the war.


Steph said...

I read this article in awe, although it took me some time to understand and digest this article.

I am personally not in tune with the political world, but I do have a strong stand on justice and I'm against war.

Looks like you've effectively articulate your perception to bring out a very important point.

Blind justice.

And I think everywhere in the world, justice is, manipulated.

astrorat said...

Dear Lone commenter,

Thank you for reading and more so for commenting :)

these comments, are valuble! :)