Thursday, January 04, 2007

a 'Promising' 2007

Happy new year all!

I having a reserved optimism for the new year that stems from the belief that the world today, cant get any worse than it already is. Well, it can, but i am cautiously optimistic. We stand today, divided, east versus west, black versus white, left versus right, so on, and so forth. We are concerned today about who will triumph. The mighty us (who ever we are) versus them (who ever they are). You get the picture?

However, the turbulent world outside, extends into the private domains of our own world (it always does. At least to some of us). My own life has been becoming increasingly challenging. Perhaps it is because time is giving a beating that i am yet to learn to deal with, or perhaps i do onto myself. The reasons don’t matter for reality is that, the world as i know it today, both inside and outside, is becoming ever more twisted and difficult to untangle.

Despite the struggle, i am optimistic for 2007. There are many things are brewing. Among the two most important are

* I will have to stop graduate school. I cant seem to find any way to fund my living expenses, and will be joining the workforce. I don’t really like the idea, but i am out of ideas. I hope that the tuition scholarship that i have, will remain till i come back.

I have tried bank loans, personal loans, other scholarships’, etc… but, the options are easier said suggested. Though being side tracked does not feel great, right now, it is the best possible outcome (unless the tooth fairy comes along)

* I got back together with my long time sweetheart (this ones happy stuff! It’s the stuff that’s meant to be taken with chocolate pudding). Me and her broke up for the strangest reasons, but we remained friends when things got ugly. Eventually, we realized that we were in for something big. Something bigger than we had earlier hoped for. It great to be love and be loved.

2007, like the one before, has some challenges ahead. With the looming threat of being packed back to Sri Lanka and loosing the graduate opportunity, the possibility of loosing love to distance all seem possible. These challenges however, promise for a good fight ahead. There nothing more interesting than a lovely battle to change what seems inevitable. Oh well, 2007, is not going down without a bruised arm n a broken leg!

I don’t like resolutions, i will break them if i make them and so i did not make them. this year, i want to achieve the following:

1. I want to learn to speak in French. A hot French chick should do the trick ;)
2. I want to volunteer my time for Children with special needs. I might want to develop this into my research area
3. I want to research and outline my family genogram in detail. There so little i know about them
4. I want to learn to dance the Latino way (isent there more than one form?)
5. I want to start reading more :D (really vague right? That’s cause it might not happen ;) hehe)
6. (and probably most important) Figure out a way to finance my living during graduate school.

To those of you my dear readers, here’s a toast, hoping that your own lists of “i wants” are well on the way. Here’s to a splendid year ahead!

2007 has another reason to celebrate! this is my 100th entry! yay! :D


Steph said...

You never seem to give up even when you are on the verge of falling. Despite of all the turbulence you're facing, you still dream. You dream big. You live big. And for this,I have a deep respect for you.

I wish you all the best with your 'i want' list and hopefully, the tooth fairy is on her way to make your wish come true;)

p/s: you got back together with sandra? i thought was sally! or was her name strawberry? sally?strawberry? something along those names:p

tkj said...

Wow, that is really unfortunate to hear about your graduate school program. But honestly, sometimes there is just nothing you can do within financial reason. I'm sure (you better!) you'll be back to it eventually.

AND huge congrats on getting back together with your special someone...that's awesome man. That means worlds more than any other trivialities.

Steph said...
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Steph said...
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Steph said...

oh and btw,

WOOHOOO your 100th entry!!!!!

astrorat said...

Dear Steph,

Its Sophie :P You keep getting her name wrong! are you jealous? ;)
Thank you for those really encouraging words.

Dear tkj,

Yes, there are sometimes when there is little else that can be done. You bet i will be back, someday! I haven’t given all up yet though. You are right, getting back together means a lot :)