Sunday, March 11, 2007

Living and dreaming

Several times I caught my self thinking to my self. A kind of self-processing, as if caught by an mental loop. An imagination of sorts. It happened to me before, and now its happening again. The ramifications of these moments of self absorbed and self processing this time is different to the moments during all the other summer internships. This time, its not an internship, but a full time position with the world most admired organization.
I am now work with GE International in Malaysia. An opportunity which I feel blessed to have. GE for those of you who may not know has been fortunes most admired organization. Its strategy has been one of innovation, imagination, invention. GE is a learning organization, one that is continuously changing.

I lead many exciting projects at GE. I am developing an internship program, I am conducting research about the characteristics of a leader, I am working on logistical issues, and most of all, I am having fun doing it!

With this new opportunity, I shall be changing the focus of this blog to suit the work that I am currently on. If you are wondering whats happening to my plans to become a psychologist, well, all I can say is.. they are still that… plans… I am attending a couple of courses in the evenings, but will have to put that on hold so that I can concentrate on work. With the focus set to I/O or work psych, and the opportunity at GE looks exciting.

My dear readers: I am currently working on doing research of what makes an organizational leader. Please feel free to share your views on what it takes to become a leader. I would like to hear what you think are traits, or characteristics that leaders have. What sets them apart from the rest.

Till next time!


chris said...

That's fantastic to hear that things are working out for you on the job front.

Regardless of whether you make a career out of what you're doing or end up becoming a psychologist (or both!), it's nice to know that the journey won't be too bumpy:)

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Astro, this is so wonderful!

Anonymous said...

you ask about the characteristics of a leader...just follow wat ever i do...hahaha...=)

astrorat said...

Dear Chris,

Its wonderful because i am working on both the career, and the work front!

Dear Dr. D,
Its amazing isent it :)

Hi Anonymous!
Come forward and show what you can do :P

Thanks to all those who sent your email suggestions with regards to the question i asked.

Steph said...

Cool stuff big guy:)