Friday, November 14, 2008

We want change....

That statement moved Barak Obama into becoming the 44th president of the United States. Given Americas fantastic white supremist history, this would be a mark of a true democracy and a mature society. Alternatively, it could also mean that the number of white people are dwindling around the world! J

The worlds as we know it today, is waking up to a very different drum beat. Perhaps this time, we would see jazz at its finest. Everyone wants to try out the syncopated scores produced by Obama.

We want change… we want change… I want change….

It occurred to me, that every body both strive for and fear change. Our greatest desire is to do things differently, be different, feel different. We spend hundreds of dollars anything that makes us feel good. Be it a new car, new paint job, addition to the landscape to the garden, our hair styles… you name it.. we want change. I reckon that the most constant element of our lives is our propensity to desire change.

However, on the flip side, the human kind at most times display a deep-rooted inertia towards acting on our desire to change. Driven by fear, this inertia drives us to remain status quo. We accept the very thing that we desire to change the most. We secretly tell ourselves that the consequence of failing in attempting change is too great. We remind ourselves that “at this moment” we need to remain perfectly still for else change can some how… mysteriously... hurt you…

We blame a real or imagined economic crisis. We cite financial commitments… we site personal relationships… we point to a million other reasons why we should not change. Of course, this fear to change acts on different people at widely varying degrees. Some fear as if it was from the dark side, while some seek out the exhilarating experience that the thrill of change produces.

As I sit down a busy food court pondering my own imminent change I realize that change is the single most powerful human asset. Self directed change empowers us. To make decisions for oneself is feel like a bungee free fall in the dark. The fear that you are probably going to crack your skull open while accelerating towards that big fat mass called earth, and knowing that the calculated risk would lead to a new level of experience cannot be substituted to discussions of change.

Obama dared take that plunge and it is that very boldness and absolute resolve to live life out loud that got so many Americans who secretly desired change plunge in with him. Now together, he paints the white house black! Yay ‘bama!

In my own life, I have stated at change every now and then. If you had read prior posts, you would know about the stories of my many many change experiences that took place early on in my life. But, then somewhere between growing a few greys and finding the love of my life (that’s for another post) I lost my “change” plot. It took a great guy like Obama and a little bit of reckless brutish behavior to put change into full throttle.

I am acting on change. Once again, I find my self a nice little cross road. I am reminded of the book “the road less traveled”. But, unlike the plot in the book, this time I am knocking on the toll gates to a very different road… this time, I know what road I don’t want to be though.

The coffee tastes great again!

Heres to a beautiful life!

I roar… I AM CHANGE! *grrrrr* :)