Sunday, April 08, 2012

Have you seen John Heptonstall of TWC Consulting Group?

Have you seen this man?

  • This man often calls himself John Heptonstall, and also goes by Brian Forthyte.
  • He claims to represent a consulting organization called TWC Consulting Group -
  • As March 2012 he and the organization that he represents (TWC Consulting Group) owes me 17500 USD as unpaid wages for work done for him
  • As of March 2012 he and the organization that he represents (TWC Consulting Group) owes another employee over 30,000 USD as unpaid wages for work done for him.
  • He currently has gone into hiding in Malaysia with his phone switched off. Attempts to contact him has gone futile.
  • Attempts to contact TWC Consulting Group tends to lead to voice messages. After all, TWC Consulting Group does not have a real office anywhere in the world - Mostly virtual office spaces with phone lines forwarded to John Heptonstall's skype or personal phone.
  • Any information about his whereabouts is much appreciated. 


Anonymous said...

I met him a couple of times.. he uses really big references but non of them check out. Heard he messed up and got fired from a malaysian business that engaged him.

Anonymous said...

This gentleman is living in Maidenhead, Berks, England atm, He is constantly having people come into our office looking for him as he owes them money- We have even started having debt collectors come in. He has outstanding parking tickets ect.

Anonymous said...
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Astrorat said...

Dear All.. Seems that he has a deplorable reputation both in Malaysia and in the UK. Apart for the great stories which he creates, there is nothing much fabulous about him.

He has given a falsified checks in Malaysia. He gave a falsified check to a car mechanic in Malaysia (as payment for repairs done to his vehicle) and was later forced to honor the payment as the Mechanic turned out to be the friend of his ONLY client (ALCIM)

He engaged me to create content for the illusive (bogus is a better word) "strategies" which he sells. Truth is, non of what he says is real. Trusting this con artist caused a dent in my career and my finances.

Classic Lodges said...

Interestingly Brian stayed with us at our hotel and seems to have left without full settlement of his account. Despite numerous promises of payment including one "funds transfer from abroad " he still has an unpaid account and we would welcome the opportunity to have a chat to settle the confusion. We certainly will be doing everything within our powers to catch up with Brian. any assistance would be gratefully received by the team at Grovefield House Hotel,